Wireless push treasure DLAN airplay free Wi-Fi video push

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Signal reception range :5-10 m


Miracast is a peer-to-peer wireless screencast standard formed via Wi-Fi Direct connections in a manner similar to Bluetooth. It enables wireless or wired delivery of compressed standard or high-definition video to or from desktops, tablets, mobile phones, and other devices. Both the sending and receiving devices must be Miracast certified for the technology to work. However, to stream music and movies to a non-certified device there will be Miracast adapters available that plug into HDMI or USB ports. Miracast allows a portable device or computer to send, securely, up to 1080p HD video and 5.1 surround sound (AAC and AC3 are optional codecs, mandated codec is linear pulse-code modulation — 16 bits 48 kHz 2 channels).However, it works only over Wi-Fi and cannot be used to stream to a router access point.It was created by the Wi-Fi Alliance and billed as an open alternative to Apple's AirPlay Mirroring. It allows users to, for example, echo display from a phone or tablet made by Company A onto a TV made by Company B, share a laptop screen with the conference room projector in real-time, and watch live programs from a home cable box on a tablet.

  Miracast is a point-to-point, enhanced version of WiFi Direct, that allows both audio and video content transfer between two devices without the need to be near a WiFi Access Point, the use of a router, or integration within full home or office network.

   As a result of its point-to-point operation, audio and video signal transfer via Miracast is not affected by crowded network traffic or other network connectivity issues. If you have both a Miracast-enabled source and destination or display device, you are all set to go. The Miracast protocol allows for transfer of both audio and video content, and has support for H.264. In addition, Miracast provides WPA2 security.

   Consumers have embraced multimedia content on their devices. From video streaming to photo sharing to a world of apps, smartphones, tablets, and TVs are connecting and keeping us entertained. However, the content is often trapped on a single device, limiting the ability to view your entertainment where you want.

Easy to use, multi-vendor wireless display has arrived


   Wi-Fi CERTIFIED Miracast?

   is a groundbreaking solution for seamlessly displaying video between devices, without cables or a network connection.? Users can do things like view pictures from a smartphone on a big screen television, share a laptop screen with the conference room projector in real-time, and watch live programs from a home cable box on a tablet. Miracast connections are formed using Wi-Fi CERTIFIED Wi-Fi Direct?, so access to a Wi-Fi? network is not needed – the ability to connect is inside Miracast-certified devices.

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