Printer toner powder for HP3700/3750/3700n, HP 3800,3800dn/CP3505,Cartridge 311,LBP-5300/5400 - Printer Color Technology Co., LtD в Китае

Printer toner powder for HP3700/3750/3700n, HP 3800,3800dn/CP3505,Cartridge 311,LBP-5300/5400

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Printer toner powder for HP3700/3750/3700n, HP 3800,3800dn/CP3505,Cartridge 311,LBP-5300/5400, HP 4600/4650,Canon C2500,EP-85,LBP-2510/5500

Laser toner powder for HP3700/3750/3700n, HP 3800,3800dn/CP3505,Cartridge 311,LBP-5300/5400, HP 4600/4650,Canon C2500,EP-85,LBP-2510/5500

Competitive price,
compatible,free of patent,
high printing performance
Perfect printing ability,
Free shipping for large weight,
90%-98% similar to OEM toner powder ’s printing performance
working perfect in all the countries with different weather,temperature,humidity etc conditions
toner powder for Samsung,bulk toner powder for hp,laser toner powder for Kyocera,
compatible toner popwder for brother,color toner powder for Minolta,printer toner powder
for Epson,universal toner powder for Xerox,toner powder for brother.etc…


Website: and

Nanchang Printer Color Technology Co.,LTd is a golden manufactuer of Black toner powder,color toner powder with the printing performance 95%-98% similar to OEM powder on of,our website is
Our Powder is good quality for both the chemical toner powder and Phisical powder. Our powder’s printing performance is 95%-98% similar to OEM supplies. Both of our technicians and materials is from Japan to ensure our quality. And to be produced in China can make our price more competitive with the best quality.
our toner powder as follows:
Toner powder for HP:
toner powder Hp CC388A/35A/36A— HP LJ P1005/P1006 (CB435A) /P1008 (CC388A) /P1505 (CB436A)
— HPLaser Jet M1522MFP (CB436A)
toner powder HP 160—Hp1600/2600/2605/Canon v5000/5100
toner powder refilled HP 1600— Hp1600/2600/2605/Canon v5000/5100
toner powder refilled HP 1500— Hp1500/2500/2550/Canon 2410/5200
toner powder HP 3500— Hp3500/3550/3700
toner powder refilled HP 4600— Hp4600/4650
toner powder HP 5500— Hp5500/5550
toner powder refilled HP 4500— Hp4500/8500
toner powder HP 3600— HP3600/3800/270R/3000/3505
toner powder refilled HP 4700— HP4700/4730/4005
toner powder HP 9500— HP 9500/CANON IR 3200
toner powder refilled HP 1215— Black HP 1215/2025
toner powder refilled HPQ3960/½/3A—HP Color Laser Jet 2550,EP-87,LBP-2410/5200,Satere MF8180
bulk toner powder HPQ6000/½/3A— HP Color Laser Jet 1600/2600/2600N,LBP-5000/5100… (Chemical Toner)
bulk toner powder HPQ2670/½/3A— HP Color Laser Jet 3500/3550/3500n
toner powder HPQ6470/½/3A— HP Color Laser Jet 3600
bulk toner powder HPQ2680/½/3A— HP Color Laser Jet 3700/3750/3700n
bulk toner powder HPQ7580/½/3A— HP Color Laser Jet 3800,3800dn/CP3505,Cartridge 311,LBP-5300/5400
bulk toner powder HPQ9720/½/3A— HP Color Laser Jet 4600/4650,Canon C2500,EP-85,LBP-2510/5500
toner powder HPQ9730/½/3A—HP Color Laser Jet 5500/5550,Canon C3500,EP-86,LBP2710/2810/5700
bulk toner powder HPQ5950/½/3a— HP Color Laser Jet4700/4700dn… (Chemical Toner)
oner powder hpCB540/½/3— HP CP1510/1515n/1518ni/1210/1215… (Chemical Toner)
toner powder refilled hpCB530/½/4—HP 2025N/2320N… ( Chemical Toner)

Toner powder for Lexmark:
toner powder Lexmark C500— Lexmark C500/510
bulk toner powder Lexmark C520—Lexmark C520/522/524/530/532/534
bulk toner powder Lexmark C720— Lexmark C720
bulk toner powder Lexmark C1200— Lexmark c1200/1275 casio n4-612
toner powder Lexmark C910— Black Lexmark C910/912 IMB 1228/1357

Toner powder for Samsung:

Sasmung 1610D2 / 2010D3—ML1610/ML2010,ML1510/1710/1750,,ML1641/2241,ML4050,SCX4300
toner powder Samsung C500—Samsung Clp 500
toner powder refilled Samsung clp 310— Samsung clp 310/315
toner powder refilled Samsung clp 300— Samsung clp 300
toner powder Samsung clp 350— Samsung clp 350
Samsung clp 610— Samsung clp 610/660
bulk toner powder SAMSUNG CLP300/300N,CLX-3160N/FN,CLX-2161K/NK

Toner powder for Xerox:
toner powder Xerox 2120— Xerox 2120
toner powder refilled Xerox 7400— Xerox 7400
toner powder refilled Xerox 7700— Xerox 7700
toner powder Xerox 2428—Xerox 2428/EPL 9100/9800
toner powder refilled Xerox dcc400—Xerox dcc400/dcc250/450/7750
toner powder Xerox C1110—Xerox C1110/Dell1320
bulk toner powder Xerox DC12—Xerox DC12/1250/1255
toner powder refilled Xerox 6120—Xerox 6120
bulk toner powder Xerox 3290—Xerox 3290
bulk toner powder Xerox 6125—Xerox 6125/6130

Toner powder for Minolta:

toner powder Minolta 4650—Konica Minolta 4650
toner powder refilled Minolta 1600—Konica Minolta 1600
toner powder refilled Minolta 2300— Konica Minolta 2300/2350
toner powder Minolta 2400—Konica Minolta 2400/2430/2500
bulk toner powder Minolta DL— Konica MinoltaDL+, Founder C8000/C9000/XianfengF16
bulk toner powder Minolta 7450— Konica Minolta7450
toner powder Minolta 200 —Konica Minolta200/203/253/353
bulk toner powder Minolta C500— Black Konica MinoltaC500/8050
toner powder refilled Minolta C350— Konica Minolta C350/ 450
toner powder Minolta 45— Konica Minolta C550/ 451
bulk toner powder Minolta C250— Konica MinoltaC250/252/300/352
bulk toner powder Minolta Di551/650/670
toner powder Konica7165/7155, 7255/7272

Toner powder for Epson:

toner powder Epson C1100— Epson C1100, Xerox 525a Dell3000/3100
toner powder refilled Epson C900—Epson C900/1900 Milonta 2300/2350/ Lenovo c8000
toner powder refilled Epson C8500— EpsoncC8500/8600/7000/8800 NEC9200/9250 xerox831/621/620/790 Fujitsu c3100/3200
toner powder Epson C8000— EpsonC8000/C8200 Tek780/ xerox3310/410 Fujitsu c3000
QMS 330/330ex»
bulk toner powder Epson C1000— Epson C1000/c200/Epson 3000c Milonta 2200 Founder c8200
toner powder Epson C3000 Black Epson c3000/4100/c4000/4200
Toner powder for Dell:

bulk toner powder DELL 1320— Xerox C1110/Dell1320
toner powder DELL 3110— DELL 3110 xerox 2100

Toner powder for Ricoh:

toner powder Ricoh C3500—Ricoh C3500/4500
toner powder refilled Ricoh C2500— Ricoh C2500/3000
toner powder refilled Ricoh C2800— Ricioh MPC 2800/3300/2030/2550/2200/2050/5000
toner powder Ricoh 1000— Ricoh 1000
bulk toner powder Ricoh 811— Ricoh 811
toner powder refilled Ricoh C220— Ricoh C220/222
toner powder Ricoh MP-C 6000—Ricoh 6000
bulk toner powder ricoh 2030/5000— ricoh 2030/5000
toner powder Ricoh CL4000—Ricioh CLC4000/spc410/c411DN
bulk toner powder Ricoh 3800C— Ricioh-Aficio3800C Aficio7000/7100
toner powder Ricoh Aficio 1035/1045/1075/1060/2051/2060/2075

Toner powder for OKI

toner powder OKI C3100—OKI c3100/3200/5100/5200/5300/5400/ Oki c7300/7350 Jolimark 1220/2024
bulk toner powder OKI 5600—OKI 5600/5700/5800
toner powder OKI 9600—OKI 9600/9800
toner powder refilled OKI 3300—OKI 3300/3400

Toner powder for Brother:

Brother 4050—Brother 4050 4040/9040/9440/9840
toner powder refilled Brother TN-2050/TN-2000— Brother HL2030/2040/2070N,Fax-2810/2820/2920,MFC-7220/7420
DCP-7010,FUJIXerox DP203A/204A,lenovo2312P/2500/6012/7200
toner powder BROTHER HL4040/4050/2700/9420

Toner powder for Others:
toner powder Canon IR155/165/200/1600/2000/2010/2016/2200/2800/3300
toner powder Canon IR 8500/GP605/IR600
toner powder refilled Kyocera Mita KM1620/1650/2020/2050,TK-418 165/169/203/205
toner powder Kyocera Mita KM1635/2530/3530/4030 AD-259/359/409
toner powder refilled Kyocera Mita KM3035/4035/5035 AD-309/405/509
toner powder Kyocera Mita KM2550,TK-420
toner powder refilled FS-9100DN/9120DN/9500DN/9520DN,TK-70/76
toner powder Konica7165/7155, 7255/7272

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Printer toner powder for HP3700/3750/3700n, HP 3800,3800dn/CP3505,Cartridge 311,LBP-5300/5400
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