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opc drums for IBM 09A,IBM KX,IBM N24,IBM E230,IBM ML1650

Laser opc drum for IBM 09A,IBM KX,IBM N24,IBM E230,IBM ML1650

1.printermodel: IBM4324,IBM Network Printer 24/24-PS;Interface System 9324,IBM 5585,IBM InfoPrint 24/32/40/1145/4324/4332,IBM 4059,Infoprint 1120/1125/1140,IBM 1412,IBM InfoPrint 12 drum,printer opc drum or Blue OEM color
3.opc with black or white gear
4.drum can be refilled for 2-3 times

Samsung drums, hp opc drum, Minolta printer opc drum, oki laser opc drum. Epson oem opc drum, Dell color opc drum, Xerox green opc drum compatible Kyocera opc drum, opc drum refilled Utax green opc drum sharp etc


Website: and

We are a gold and trusted manufacture of toner chip (laser chip, reset chip, printer chip, toner cartridge chip, compatible chip) and a reseller of OPC drum, printer drum, Our website: We have some OPC drum as follows:
OPC drum for Lexmark:
printer drum LEXMARK OPTRA E-210
compatible opc drum for LEXMARK X-215
refilled opc drum for Lexmark E210 |
laser printer opc drum for Lexmark E230 | E232 | E330 | E340 | E342N | X203 | X340 | X342 | E250 | E350 | E352 OPC drum FOR E450 DRUM

OPC drum Lexmark P8E—Lexmark Optra E310/E312/E312L
printer drum Lexmark 09A—Lexmark 4040/Optra N240/245
OPC drum Lexmark LE210—Lexmark Optra E210
printer drum Lexmark SP302—Lexmark Optra E /E+/Ep/Es/4026/4026A/B/D/E;
printer drum Lexmark LP8100—Lexmark W812
OPC drum Lexmark N24—Lexmark W820/N/DN/E
Lexmark E120—Lexmark E120
OPC drum refilled Lexmark T420—Lexmark T420/T430 –
OPC drum Lexmark E230—Lexmark E230/232/330/332/250
printer drum Lexmark -ML1710—Lexmark X215,RICOHAC104

OPC drum for Samsung:

printer drum SAMSUNG ML1010/1210/1250/1430
laser printer drum SAMSUNG ML1610/1625/1640K/1641K/1642K/2241K
compatible opc drum SAMSUNG SCX-4321/4521/4725
drum refilled for SAMSUNG ML-2010/2510/2570/2571
printer drum refilled for SAMSUNG ML1510/1710/1740/1750
refilled opc drum forSAMSUNG SCX-4016/4100/4200/4116/4126/4300K/4310K/4315K
compatible opc drum for SAMSUNG ML-2150/2152/2550/2551/2552
laser printer drum for SAMSUNG ML-1053/1911/2526/2581/651/4601/4623/1915
reset printer drum for SAMSUNG ML-1630/1666/1043/1660/104
opc drum for SAMSUNG ML-2250,SCX-4520/4720
compatible opc drum for SAMSUNG ML-1910/1915/1916/2525/2580/2851DK/2855
compatible printer drum for SAMSUNG ML-3050/3051/3471DK/3472NDK
refilled printer opc drum for SAMSUNG SCX-5530/5635, MLT-D208S
opc drum for SAMSUNG ML-3560/3561/4050/4550
compatible opc drum for Samsung 105 | ML1910 | ML1915 | ML1916 | ML2525 | ML2580 | SCX4600 | SCX4605 | SCX4610 | SCX4623 | SF650
DRUM Samsung 1610 | 2010 | 2510 | 2570 | 4321 | 4521 | 4725
Printer drum for Samsung 1710 | 4100 | 4200 | 4216 | 4300
Printer drums for Samsung 2150 | 2151 | 2152
Drums for Cilindro Samsung 2250 | 2251 | 2252 | 4520 | 4720
Opc drum refilled Samsung 2850 | 2851 | 2855 | 4828
Printer drum for Samsung 3050 | 3051 | 3300 | 3428 | 3435 | 3470 | 3471 | 5530 | 5635 | 5835
Drum for samsung 5112 | 5115 | 5312 | 5315 | 6220 | 6320
Laser printer opc drum Samsung 3560
OPC drum refilled Samsung ML1210 DRUM
Opc drum for SAMSUNG ML1010/1210/1250/1430
printer drum SAMSUNG ML1610/1625/1640K/1641K/1642K/2241K
printer drum SAMSUNG SCX-4321/4521/4725
printer drum SAMSUNG ML-2010/2510/2570/2571
printer drum SAMSUNG ML1510/1710/1740/1750
OPC drum SAMSUNG SCX-4016/4100/4200/4116/4126/4300K/4310K/4315K
opc drum refilled SAMSUNG ML-2250,SCX-4520/4720
OPC drum SAMSUNG ML-1910/1915/1916/2525/2580/2851DK/2855
printer drum SAMSUNG SCX-4824/4828, MLT-D209L
printer drum SAMSUNG ML-3050/3051/3471DK/3472NDK
OPC drum SAMSUNG ML-3560/3561/4050/4550
printer drum Samsusng P8E— Samsung SF-5000
Samsung ML-200/250/1010/1210/1220/1250/1430/4300/4500/4600/SF550
OPC drum Samsung ML-1610/2010/2510/2570/2571N,SCX4321/4521/4725
printer drum Samsung ML8200/8250/8600/8650/8700
OPC drum Samsung ML2150/2151N/2152W/2550/2551N/2552W
printer drum Samsung ML3050/3051
printer drum Samsung ML-3560/3561N/3561ND/3562W
printer drum Samsung ML-2851/2852
drum SamsungSCX-4100/4200/4116/4216F;
printer drum Samsung ML-1440/1450/1650/1651N/6000/6060/6085/6160N/S
OPC drum Samsung ML5100/530
printer drum Samsung ML-2250/2251,SCF-4520/4720

OPC drum for Brother:
Opc drum for BROTHER HL-2030/2040/2070/2140/2150/2170
OPC drum refilled MFC-7010/7030/7220/7225/7040/7340/7420/7820/7840
OPC drum refilled DCP-7020
Printer opc drum for DR360/2000/2025/2100,DR-20J/21J,TN-25J/26J
Laser opc drum for NEC MW-1150
OPC drum BROTHER HL-1030
Compatible OPC drum MFC-8300/8420/8500/8600/8700/8820/P2500
Printer opc drum for DCP-1200/1400/8020/8025
Compatible opc drum for DR-400/500/7000,DR-30/36J,TN-430/460/6300/6600,
Laser printer NEC MW-1200
Compatible drum for HL5240/5250/5270/5280
Drum for MFC-8660 DR520/3100/3115/DR-31J/41J,TN-580,35J,37J

OPC drum refilled Brother 98A— Brother HL-1260/1660 (EX)
OPC drum Brother -75A—Brother HL-4/4PS/4V/4Ve/6/6V
OPC drum refilled Brother 95A— Brother HL-8/8E/8PS-AP/8D-AP/8V/HL-10
printer drum BrotherB1240—DR400/DCP-1200/1400
drumHL-1230/1240/1250/1270/N/1440/1450/1470N/ MFC-8300/8600/8700/9700/9800;DR500/Brother
OPC drum HL-1650/N/1670/1850/1870N/ 5040/5050/LT/5070N/MFC-8420/8820D/DN

OPC drum for Epson:

printer drum EpsonSP302—Epson LP-800/S/900/1200/1300/U/1800/1900/N/
printer drum Epson EPL-5500/W/5700/5800/5900/L/6100/L
printer drum Epson LP8100— Epson LP-7700/8100/8700/8700 PS3/8900/EPL2120
OPC drum Epson LP8200—Epson LP-8200/8200PS/8300
drum Epson LP-8300S/8300F/8400FX/FXN/8600/F/FX/FXN/8300F/S/2010/1610/1210
OPC drum refilled Epson N24— Epson LP-9600/EPL-N4000
OPC drum Epson LP9400— Epson LP-9400
OPC drum refilled Epson N2300— Epson EPL-1220;LP7100
printer drum Epson EP6200—Epson EPL6200/L
OPC drum Epson C2100—Epson C3800
OPC drum refilled Epson Q2200—Epson C1000/C2000
OPC drum refilled Epson LP9200— Epson LP-9200/EPL-N2000/N2000
OPC drum Epson Q2300— Epson Aculaser C900/C1900
OPC drum refilled Epson LP9300—Epson LP-9300/EPL-N2700/2750

OPC drum for Canon
printer drum Canon 06F— Canon LBP-AX/350/440/460/465/660/800/1120/22X/EP-22,
OPC drum Laser Class 2060/3500/4000/4500/Canon FX3
printer drum Canon 15A— CanonLBP-1210/3200/3210/FX8,EP-25/EP27, printer drum ImageClass D320/D340 (S-35) /D380 (cartridge W)
OPC drum Canon 96A— CanonP100/LBP-32X/470/1310,EP-32,PC1060/1080F/ printer drum Image Class D620/660/680 (cartridge N)
printer drum Canon 27X— Canon Laser Class 3170/3175 (FX6),
Canon LBP-1760/P370/52X
OPC drum Canon 03F— Canon FX4; Canon Laser Class 9000; Canon LBP-VX
printer drum Canon 74A— Canon LBP 4u/430/430W/PX/PXⅡ/P90,
OPC drum refilled Canon 98A— Canon LBP-8Ⅳ/860 /LBP-EX
OPC drum refilled Canon 75A— Canon LBP-Ⅳ/LX
OPC drum Canon 95A— Canon LBP 8Ⅱ/8Ⅲ
OPC drum refilled Canon 29X— Canon LBP-62X/1620/1820/840/850/880/910,EP-62
OPC drum refilled Canon 82X— Canon LBP-950/1910/EP-72/Imageclass 4000,IR3250
OPC drum refilled Canon 09A— Canon LBP-2460;LBP-WX
OPC drum refilled Canon 00A— Canon LBP-BX/BXⅡ
OPC drum Canon JX—Canon LBP-JX/720/730/730PS/740/750/EPJ/JX Interface System 9308
OPC drum refilled Canon NX— Canon LBP-NX/LBP-NX 600/P-170
printer drum Canon KX—Canon LBP-KX/EPK,Laser Class 8000,Laser Fax/FX-V
printer drum Canon 12A— Canon LBP-2900/3000/3200/EP-26/catridge303/FX9/FX10
OPC drum refilled Canon 65X—Canon LBP-65X/1510/1710/1420
OPC drum refilled Canon 11A—Canon 6280K/6330K
printer drum Canon 49A—Canon LBP3300/3360 (cartridge307/308/ 508)
OPC drum Canon 2600— Canon LBP-5000
OPC drum refilled Canon 4600—Canon LBP-2510/5500,EP-85
OPC drum refilled Canon 16A—Canon LBP-3500/3900/3950 (cartridge 509)
OPC drum Canon 88A— Canon LBP-3100, Canon IR1600/2000
OPC drum refilled Canon CP1215— Canon LBP-5050

OPC drum for HP
printer drum HP1005/1007/1008
opc drum for Hp 2612A LJ1010/1012/1015
compatible opc drum for HP 7115A LJ1000/1200/3000
laser printer opc drum for HP 3906A LJ5L/6L,FX-3
printer opc drum for HP 5949 LJ1160/1320
green opc drum for HP 1215 | 2025 (540/530) DRUM
opc drums for HP 1338 | 1339 | 5942 (4200/4250/4300/4350 UNIVERSAL DRUM
drums for HP 278 | 285 | 435 | 436 DRUM
printer opc drum for HP 3600 | 3800 Hanp Long Life
OPC drum refilled HP 3500 | 3700 MKI

printer drum Hp 06F— HP 5L/5ML/LJ6L/6Lpro/6Lgold/6Lse/6LXI/6Pse/6PSI;
printer drum HP LJ1100/1100A/3100/3150/3150Se/Xi/3200/Se/M
printer drum hp15A— HP LJ 1000/1005/1200/1220,3300/3310/3320/3330/3380
OPC drum hp 96A— HP LJ 2100/N/TN/SE/XI; 2200/Dose/DT/DEN/DEN
printer drum hp 27X— HP LJ 4000/N/T/TN,4050/N/T/TN/se
OPC drum hp 03F— HP LJ 5P/5MP/6P/6MP
printer drum hp 74A— HP LJ 4L/4ML/4P/4MP/FX2
printer drum hp 98A— HP LJ 4/4M/4+/5/5N/5M
OPC drum hp 75A— HP LJ ⅡP/ⅡP Plus/ⅢP/ⅢP MAC
printer drum hp 95A— HP LJ Ⅱ/ⅡD/Ⅲ/ⅢD
printer drum hp 61X— HP LJ 4100/N/TN/TEN
OPC drum hp 29X— HP LJ 850/5000/N/GN/TN/DTN,5100
printer drum hp 82X— HP LJ 8100/N/DN/8150/N/DN/HN/MFP;Mopier 320
OPC drum hp 09A— HP LJ 5Si/5SiMX/5Si Mopier/5Si NX,HP-LJ8000/Mopier 240/WX
OPC drum refilled hp 00A— HP LJ 4V/4MV
OPC drum refilled hp NX— HP LJ3Si/4Si;
OPC drum refilled hp24A— HP LJ 1150
OPC drum hp 13A— HP LJ 1300/N/Se
OPC drum refilled hp 38A— HP LJ4200/N/TN/DEN/DENS/4250         
OPC drum hp 39A— HP LJ4300/N/TN/DEN/DENS/4345/4350
OPC drum refilled hp 44X— HP LJ9000/N/DN/HNS/MFP/9050/n/dn

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Opc drums for IBM 09A,IBM KX,IBM N24,IBM E230,IBM ML1650

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