Maritime containers transportation of from China, Turkey, USA, Europe, Asia to Moldova, Ukraine

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Maritime containers transportation of from China, Turkey, USA, Europe, Asia to Moldova, Ukraine, other CIS countries and also in the opposite direction

The Simplextrans company performs maritime transportation of the containers from China, Turkey, USA, Europe, Asia to Moldova, Ukraine,other CIS countries and also in the opposite direction.
During the transportation to/from Moldova we use the services of three maritime ports — Odessa, Ilychevsk (Ukraine) and Constanta (Romania).
The list of services provided by Simplextrans company:
— Providing the customer with empty containers for loading and transporting them already loaded to loading port.
-providing the support to collect the required set of documents
-containers operations in ports and other auxiliary operations
— containers transshipment from the truck/car to the ship and vice versa
— arranging containers transportations by sea
— containers transportation by truck or rail from ports to the customer warehouse
— tracking the container location throughout the route and informing the customer — Cargo Insurance
The standard list of documents required for customs and port procedures to cargo container:
-the contract
— translated invoice (original)
-the original transportation document (bill,CMR or CIM SMGS railway invoice)
-quality/origin certificates (original)
— the compliance certificate (if necessary)
-the copy of the hygienic certificate
— For the animal origin cargo the original veterinary certificate is required
— For vegetable origin cargo the phytosanitary certificates (original) and Certificate of Fumigation is required
Additional documents may be required for certain types of cargo.

For prices on containers transportations please send your request, by fax ((+37322-290056) or email (manager@simplextrans.md), indicating the following information:
— cargo name
— weight (kg)
-loading place
— discharge place
-container type
— list of the required services

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